MATSUZAKA Yusuke Detailed biography
1954 born in Tokyo
1977 Graduate Waseda University
1981 Start his practice.
   Matsuzaka Yusuke is a partner to Tokyo-HIrakawa, LLP. He has extensive experience in representing insurance companies, security companies and patent holders. He is supporting the insurance companies in term of moral hazard. Mr. Matsuzaka has been responsible for litigation matters on intellectual property matters, e.g. trademark, patents, copyright. He is also supporting in opening various kind conferences for companies He is always collecting extensively many evidences for clients and developing persuasive discussion before courts based upon the big volume of evidences collected by him. Many clients appreciate his efforts. He is dedicated to protection of his clients in term of legal matters. He never loses trust from his clients whether or not the clients lose before courts. Even his old clients who lose before court still retains him again as his attorney.

Professional Admissions:
Member of Tokyo Bar Association

Main Achievements:
   Outside auditor of software corporation

Main Publication
   Too may to be listed.
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