OGURA Hideo Detailed biography
1962 born in Tokyo
1986 Graduate Waseda University Start his practice
2000 Lecturer With Chuo University
   Hideo Ogura is a partner to Tokyo-Hirakawa,LLP. He has extensive experience in both transaction and litigation matters on intellectual property matters, e.g. trademark, patents, copyright, Internet, computer software, Video games, movie, music animation, product liability and privacy. He has representing companies and individuals in wide variety of legal issues.
   He is also working as a lecturer for Chuo University for over couple years. By discussing new matters or problems with his students, these fresh experiences lead him to a new type attorney who develops persuasively new interpretation of law. Such a young attorney as Mr. Ogura has and will have deeper and more extensive knowledge/experience in the field of cutting-edge technologies especially Internet, computer software, video games, movie, music animation. Not a few domestic or foreign entrepreneurs are knocking a door of Mr. Ogura’s office as his existing/potential clients.

Professional Admissions:
Member of Tokyo Bar Association

Professional Activities:
Secretary-general, Intellectual Property Study Group
Member of the Workshop of Open Source Software issues in Software Information Center Foundation
Member of the Information Network Law Association
Member of the Civil Suit Law Association of Japan

Main Achievements:
Act Inc. etc. vs Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
The Supreme Court adjudged that sales of second-handed CD-ROM of video games are free.

System KJ Corp vs MP3.com Inc.
It is the only case that the resister of domain name wins in courts on domain name issue.

Anonymities vs Power.com Inc.
It is the first case that the court orders an access provider to show the information of illegal user of Internet.

Main Publication
“Copy right law commentary” Tokyo-Nuncio

“Relationship between Resale of copy right bearing products and consumer” Iwanami

“Copy right law in term of ruling” Tokyo-Nunoi

“Legal and tax aspects of Internet and E-commerce” Gyousei

“Legal and tax aspects of Internet” Shin Nihon Hoki

A series of “Lecture of copy right for digital Kids “on Monthly Magazine ” Game Labs”

A series of articles relating intellectual property matters on Monthly Magazine “CIPIC Journal “

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